Friday, June 28, 2013

Quite a week, and it's not even Sunday yet

Well I think this is going to be fun.  The pastor has been visiting folks, meeting people from both churches, visiting the sick, and bringing home produce from the country.  So far, so good.  People seem glad to meet her, and apart from an anonymous complaint about her being too pretty and wearing a skirt that was too short (really, it was below the knee), everyone seems happy to have her around.  I suppose they'll have to adjust to her hotness.

One of the churches is down to a handful of members, but it's my impression that it's never been all that large, at least not the last few decades.  I saw a pictoral directory from about 5 years ago that features both churches, and the smaller church's section was a single page of pictures.  However, they are located about 5 minutes from a thriving, artsy town.  There are clearly enough people nearby that growth and ministry could happen there.  It's exciting to think about the possibilities.  It seems that they've never put much effort into inviting others in, and as they continue to shrink, they're finally thinking about their own corporate mortality.  At least that's my very early impression, never having set foot in the place, so take it with a grain of salt.

Her first appointment was in a small town church, one with a secretary and a preschool.  It's in town, not out in the country.  It's a rural setting, but these two little churches are what come to my mind when I hear the term "rural church."  The scenery is green and lush, and you have to go far enough away from "civilization" to get there that you might wonder if you've missed a turn somewhere.  It's beautiful and quiet.

Can't wait for Sunday.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


New things are happening for the pastor, so I may start blogging again.  After 2 years working part time at our suburban church, she will be serving a 2 point charge in a neighboring county.  We will not be relocating, however, which will be great for the family (though I'm sure there will be some parishioners who don't like that :*)  I'm excited for her and for our family - it's been a good break, not without drama, but certainly good for our kids.  It's time to jump back into the parish, though, and continue on the path towards ordination in the UMC.

In case you're not aware, "2 point charge" means that there are 2 churches who combine their resources to pay for a pastor.  She will preach twice each week, once at each church, e.g, 9am at one and 11am at the other.  These are two country churches that have been in a bit of a decline.  We've been told that one averages about 40 or 50 in worship every week, while the other one is down to about 12 active members.  Should be interesting and fun.

So if anyone reads this - google reports some very light traffic here, but I don't know if it's real people or bots - and you are one who prays for such things, please keep our family in your prayers.